Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me to Settlement?
You will need;

  • Identification
  • Certified/Cashier’s Check made payable to “Premier Settlements and Title Services”.
  • Special Circumstance Settlements will need additional documents. The following are just a few examples, the settlement agent or coordinator will verify the documents needed when the Title Request is received.
    Estate Docs- Letter of Administration, Copy of Estate EIN, Death Certificate, Copy of Will
    LLC/Corp Docs- Certificate of Good Standing with the State of MD, Articles of Organization/Incorporation

The lender or realtor has advised me to go with another settlement company, do I have choice in where I close my loan?
Yes, MD State law says it is the buyer’s right to choose where they have settlement on their property, unless it is written in the contract otherwise.

Why should I care where settlement is?
Just like anything else you purchase, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality product, the best customer service, and the best price.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?
Title Insurance is essential for protecting your real estate investment.  When obtaining a loan for the purchase of your home the lender requires you to purchase Lender’s Title Insurance Policy, on their behalf, in order to protect their investment.  Why wouldn’t you protect your own investment the same way!  Owners Title Insurance protects against loss created by any number of causes, such as: Mechanics Liens, Recording Errors, Undisclosed Heirs and numerous other title issues.  In addition to protecting from title issues, Title Insurance will pay all attorney fees related to the defense of the claim against title to your home.

Are there different types of coverage’s?
Comparison of Coverage’s

Is there a charge for offsite settlements or afterhour’s settlements?
Settlements that require travel outside of the main office incur additional cost on the settlement fee. There is no charge for after hour settlements.

What is CDPE?
Certified Distressed Property Expert

Tips for a smooth closing
Buyer Tips for a Timely Closing
5 Things Not To Do During the Closing Process
It Could Happen To You

Note: If you have additional questions, please contact us.